Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Travel Sketches

Happy New Year !
One of my year resolutions is to post more here !

Here is sketches from my last travel sketchbook. It comes from Nepal and Vietnam, this is observational... or just inspired. Everest, Nar Phoo Valley, Along Bay... Such amazing days!  It's not in the right order, sorry.
I was thinking to do something with that... maybe more with colors... (...) ... I'll see :) 


  1. Aaaaahh les fameuses courbes cotonneuse et les voluptes rouge et bleu des crayons si délicat du Tristan Ménard...
    ça nous avait manqué...

  2. Mec ! J'ai sentit le vent me fouetter le visage tel ma bi......non je m'égard, bref j'ai voyagé ! Good job mate !